Step 0
You, the help giver – lets us know your jurisdiction, subject speciality and the time you want to devote to pro bono assistance.

Step 1
Citizens who are in need of help fill in their matter’s details in an encrypted form.

Step 2
Our matching algorithm uses data points like location, subject, urgency, and jurisdiction to help find the best lawyer to assist someone in need.

Step 3
The help seeker establishes communication with you / the help giver and takes the matter forward.

Additionally, our helplines on call, chat and mail will be available for answering basic legal questions of help seekers.


We employ state of the art security features and encrypt all data stored with us.

We follow the Bar Council rules and do not share your data / privileged case details with any 3rd party.

No Spam
We do not spam you or send you unnecessary communications.

No Monetisation
We are a not for profit organisation – we do not monetise your data and/or ask you to buy a product or service from us.

Easy Delisting
If you have gotten busy, we understand and respect that – you can make your profile offline with a click.


Justice for all. Legal aid, enabled and made easy. 

India has 727 Districts with 24 High Courts and 672 District Courts. In these districts there are over 12 Lakh (1.2 Million) Advocates who are practicing Law with over 3 Crore (30 Million) cases pending. There are over 1.2 Crore (1.2 Million) Cases which have been pending for 3 years or more out of which at least 30% (40 Lakh!) are delayed because of lack of proper representation and/or advice to the litigant(s). This is miscarriage of justice and a burden which India’s judicial system can not cope up with.

The situation is grim, but not beyond hope. 

The situation is grim, but not beyond hope. 

India has the world’s largest population of lawyers and every year nearly 1 lakh students go to law school. With a growing population of talented young lawyers under the aegis of experienced stalwarts, we can bridge the gap between those who need legal help and those willing to provide legal help


  • Establish a community of legal help givers in each of the 727 Districts of India to enable legal representation and information for all. 
  • Make 50 million Indians legally aware of their rights. 
  • Provide legal assistance in 2,500 cases in process of litigation.
  • Provide direct assistance to 500,000 by form of legal information.
  • Maintain a pool of fund to use for litigation in grave cases which adversely impact the society at large.
  • Work with the Government, Judiciary, Bar and Law schools to enable the culture of providing free legal aid by practicing lawyers across age groups and jurisdictions in a systemised way.

Delay of justice is Injustice. Enabling justice In Time, for all. 

30 Million+ pending cases

1.2 Million+ Lawyers

1 Aim – Justice For All


LegalAidCamp.org is a not-for-profit platform operated by the Lex Do It, a Trust Registered in Delhi in 2015 under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. LegalAidCamp.org aims to bridge the gap between those who want to provide legal help and those who need legal help.  Lex Do It is a group of lawyers who have been working for 5 years now towards legal awareness, representation and assistance for all. We help those who need it the most, i.e., for the legal empowerment of the vulnerable and the marginalised. We focus on legal awareness, legal aid, psychological aid / counselling, activism and public litigation.

We have in the last 5 years: 

  • Made 10 lakh Indians aware of their legal rights.
  • Built a volunteer network of 500 student volunteers.
  • Assisted nearly 10,000 litigants with their case – directly or indirectly. 
  • Connected over 5,000 help seekers with a suitable lawyer in our offline network. 
  • Conducted over 50 legal education campaigns. 
  • Worked with 15 public and non governmental organisations to provide legal aid.
  • Undertaken 30 plus public interest matters with various authorities. 


At an average it costs:

₹5 to make someone aware of their legal rights.
₹50 to answer a basic legal query.
₹500 to enable a lawyer for a litigant.
₹5000 to enable an out of court resolution for a litigant.
₹50000 to enable a case in court from it’s initiation to end for a litigant.