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Are you an NGO / non-profit organisation working at the grassroots level? We understand, organisations such as yours often find yourselves approached by people who need assistance and may be left without any alternate recourse. Other times, individuals may approach you seeking legal counsel. While a common necessity, many organisations lack access to legal counselors or advocates. In the event that the panel of advocates / counselors / legal practitioners routinely assisting you find themselves overburdened with the amount of help requests you are seeking, we are here to share the load. At Legal Aid Camp, we wish to connect with you and provide you with access to legal professionals who are, well-suited to appropriately address and advise on these problems.

The Process:

  • Fill in the form to get in touch with us or sign up using the link below. Someone from our team will email you to set up a phone call.
  • We will discuss your needs and if necessary, take further steps to establish clarity during this call. In our attempts to keep this a clean and transparent process, we will spell out how our process works.
  • We then create or verify the account for your organisation on our platform. This allows you to register file help requests for those who approach you. Any cases you file will be sent to lawyers who can help. In case we have not been able to find anyone who can help within a period of 7 days, we will inform you via email. You can close the case or you can leave it open and as soon as a lawyers matches and accepts your case, they can help.
  • We verify the phone number of the person requiring assistance when you file a new request, via an OTP message. The contact details of the advocate who accepts the request will be shared on the phone number of the person who needs assistance.
  • When an individual files a help request, we manually verify the details and veracity of each case before notifying advocates of the same. However, when your organisation files a case on another’s behalf, suitable advocates are notified automatically.
  • As an organisation, you will have access to view the status of cases filed by you including the details of the advocates assigned to the cases. You will also be able to manage the cases yourself.
  • Once the aggrieved party and the advocate are connected, we consider our job complete. In the event of dissatisfaction with the assigned advocate, you are in a position to request for a different advocate. You further have the option to report any misconduct you observed.

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