Provide Pro-bono Legal Assistance as a Lawyer

The legal profession is a noble profession. As a trained and enrolled legal professional one of the unique advantages you have is an understanding of navigating the legal and judicial system to help people receive the relief they need. Often times a simple phone call for guidance, or even a nudge, can be enough – timely action helps avoid costly litigation at a later stage. If you wish to help us make a difference and change someone’s life then we want to work with you. At Legal Aid Camp, we believe in providing the right services and nothing more. We understand and respect the privacy of help seekers and help providers. We do not use your data for anything more than matching you and someone who needs your help and we respect the fact that you may or may not be in a position to help routinely.

How it works

  • When signing up, we ask a number of questions regarding your area of practice, the bar council you are registered with, languages you are fluent in, etc. to make efficient pairings.
  • We then verify your phone number and email address.
  • When someone submits a request for help we match their case with a lawyer who can help them, based on the language of communication, the area of expertise, etc.
  • If you match with a help seeker, we send you a notification. You will be able to review the case details and you can choose to accept the case if you want. The notification goes out to multiple Lawyers (up to 5 at a time) and the first one to accept it gets assigned the case.
  • Once you accept the case, you get to see the name and contact details of the help seeker. They too will receive your name and contact information. At which point both parties can connect however they see fit.
  • At this stage, we leave the discussion between you and your client. You may report any help seeker who you think is misusing the system or are otherwise unwilling to follow a professional code of conduct. We also ask help seekers to indicate their financial capabilities and you have access to all the information you need in order to decide whether you wish to accept a help request or not.
  • You can choose to deactivate or delete your profile at any time. Deactivating your profile means you are currently not available to accept help requests. If you delete your profile we remove all information from the system that can personally identify you.

Are you ready to start helping?

Volunteer as a Law Student

Are you a law student and wish to volunteer to work in our team? We are a group of dedicated and highly motivated individuals and we have a passion for problem solving. If you wish to join us and help us provide better access to legal assistance then let’s get to know each other.