Get Pro-bono Legal Assistance

There may be any number of situations you can find yourselves in where you need legal guidance and assistance but are not sure who to approach. This is especially difficult if you are unable to afford proper legal guidance. It is also possible you are in an abusive situation where your access to money / resources has been restricted. In our experience, the considerable majority of those in trouble only seek to get out of the trouble. With proper guidance and counseling, intervention from the authorities can be prevented. Other times, we have have to involve the authorities – all the more reason to seek and follow legal advice. There can also be situations where assistance or cooperation from authorities might be lacking for a number of reasons. We want to help fix this problem by allowing people to find the right guidance.

Before you file a request for help with Legal Aid Camp, please read the following terms and conditions:

  • We help individuals who are unable to bear the cost of getting legal assistance. That means that you either do not have enough money to pay for legal advice / legal fees or you have money but are unable to access it.
  • In case you are able to partially or completely cover the legal expenses incurred, please indicate this in your help request form. It will help us better assist you.
  • Once a request for help is submitted by you, our team will verify your submission and approve it. Someone from our team might call you to verify your submission if required.
  • As soon as your request is approved, a legal professional will be matched with your case and they will receive a notification of your request. You will receive their contact details as soon as they accept your request. We try our best to help you but there are chances that we do not find anyone who can. Please be aware of this limitation.
  • The Advocate who has chosen to help you will also receive your contact information. At this point you may get in touch with them or they might get in touch with you.
  • After you file your case, you will be able to log in with your phone number and OTP to view / make changes to your case. Once an Advocate accepts your request for help, you will receive their details via sms. You can also log in to see their details.
  • Please be aware that Advocates will be able to report you in case you misuse the system. You will also have the ability to report abuse/misbehavior that you encounter. We investigate all reports of abuse.
  • Data Privacy: If you wish to delete your personal records from our system, you can easily do so when you’re logged in. We remove all personally identifiable information from our system at your request.

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